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Re: [IP] who gets the dough

Ellen,  some docs sure can get well off financially, but since most
diabetics soon become so much smarter than their docs,  they really don't
need to see them that often.  I'm now down to about once a year, mainly to
get prescriptions renewed and a few blood test (from which the lab, not him
gets money), and even then we just sit around and talk about how bad the
Orioles are doing.   Endos who get rich do so from all those other
endocrinology problems that aren't as easy to treat as diabetes, and
require continual visits and metabolic evaluations, new treatments because
the last one didn't work, etc.
If you really want to see rich, go take a stress test with a cardiologist.
You get to walk on a treadmill for 15 min and he gets a few thousand
dollars.  And if you give him a knife,  then he'll take you for tens of
thousands!  *S*

<<Ellen, in response to Wayne's comment that
<< Neither the AMA nor doctors make much money treating diabetics >>
> I don't know about your endo, but my endo is well off financially.
> Where does your endo get his money if he doesn't get much from
> his patients?  Just curious.

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