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Precision QID, was Re: [IP] meters


I've been using the Precision QID as my meter of choice for the past two
months or so. I find it accurate, extremely convenient (easy to stash in my
pocket, briefcase, shirt pocket, fishing waders, etc.). The fact that I
don't need to cart around a vial of strips is also very nice (the strips
are foil wrapped). The meter, strips, calibration strip and lancet device
fit into a nice "wallet" approximately 3.25 x 6.25 x .75 inches, certainly
the smallest I've found so far.

There are no batteries to worry about. The manufacturer will replace the
meter free of charge when the sealed battery runs out (approximately 4000

The one thing I don't like is the high price of the adapter to download
data to my PC. Since I log all my info in a self designed Excel spreadsheet
anyway, this is not a show stopper. My endo does have the ability to
download the data to Mellitus Manager or the Precision Link software which
comes with the adapter.

The meter will display the last 10 readings, but no date and time stamp is
associated with them. When downloading to the software (Mellitus Manager or
Precision Link), dates and times are attached to the readings. The software
will download the last 250 readings.

I've used the following meters since 1981: StatTec (weight - approximately
5 pounds, plugged into wall. Cost about $400), AccuChek, AccuChek II,
AccuChek III, AccuChek Advantage, AccuChek Complete, AccuChek Easy,
AccuChek Trace, AccuChek Instant, Lifescan One Touch Profile, Lifescan Fast

I'm pretty comfortable with the QID meter. Others will undoubtedly have
their own "favorite".
By the way, when I was shopping for another QID as a backup, the lowest
price I found was about $65. I found the meter at WalMart for $37. With a
$25 rebate and $25 trade in, I actually "made money" by purchasing the
meter. I think the WalMart price may have been incorrect, but they'll
figure this out eventually.

>I was just curious on peoples take on the Precision QID meter?  We haven't
>heard a lot on it and I was just wanting to know what others thought.

Bob Burnett

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