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Re: [IP] help with rebellion

Camp may be what this kid needs.  Sometimes it really helps to be "normal" 
for once.  I remember when I was a kid I thought every one in my family 
FUSSED too much over me, my diet, exercise and the shots.  Right now my 
mother has terminal breast cancer that has settled in her liver and has not 
got much time left.  In so many ways I feel that she did not make the choices 
that I would have made had I been the adult.  At 19 and very upset about it 
all I tearfully wrote to my ADA affiliate asking for help.  That year I was a 
jr. camp counselor and that was the beginning of feeling like there was hope 
for me.  Told my mother in one of our recent cry sessions that seems like all 
I can remember from my childhood was trying to Pee.  Pee, drink water and 
wait to make more pee.  What a trip.
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