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Re: [IP] Cartridge Changes and 'Site' changes

email @ redacted wrote:
> I use a silhouette infusion set.  I have nothing extra with this.  The
> silhouette infusion set comes in a package where the tubing and canular are
> all attached.

They may be all in the package, but the canulas and hoses are separate until 
after you set the canula in and pull out the "introducer needle".

I think you're used to the sets that come with 10 packages easch containing
a complete set, both hose and canula. They also have cheaper sets that have 
5 packages like yours does, and 5 packages containing ONLY canulas. That's
the kind I've always gotten, as a matter of fact it was the only way they
came when I first got them in '94 or '95. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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