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[IP] In Touch software and FastTake

I have a copy of "In Touch" v 1.3, Lifesans software for their blood glucose
meters.  It a couple of bugs not noted in the manual or readme file.

The first is that you have to install from SAFE MODE when installing using
windows 98.  This was also the case with previous versions and Windows 98.

The second is the cable.  This is not the new adapter for the fast take.  It
is the cable that is used to down load from the Profile meter.  The early
cables do not work with the FastTake even though they work OK with the
profile. The early cables can be identified by having cable info using stick
on lables.  The newer cables have identification molded in the 32 pin RS-232
plug.  There are no stick on lables on the good cables.

Also when using higher monitor resolutions, large fonts are a no-no.  Must
use small fonts.

The software was created with Visual Basic V 3 and Microsoft Access Database
version 2. I wsh tyhey would get there act together and really update and
get rid of the peculiarities.

I hope that this info may reduce some frustration when trying to install and
use this program.  I like the reports that it output better than those from

Russ  Doris's  worse half

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