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[IP] RE:Showdown With Diabetes

Sorry all, this time I copied the address instead of relying on the gray matter.

Yes Ellen, it is available.  I ordered two more copes tonight -- I left a message on the toll free, and Deb Butterfield returned the call herself.  I am a member, but I don't know what difference that would make for selling books.

I'm taking one over to my endo (who is a supportive doc) with the understanding that he will have the world's most unsupportive CDE read it too.  The perspective that it offers on how diabetes ends up shaping your life, especially as complications ensue (as happens to at least 40% of us with extremely tight control) is quite amazing.  When you get to the point that even without any variation in lifestyle (which has exercise, and a great diet as residuals of the days prepump) and with the flexibility of the pump -- the perspective is nice to have.  It's an acknowledgment that it's not ME that's bad, it's this d----- disease.  The last 1/3 of the book is technical and completely referenced.  Again, I highly recommend it.
Take care,