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Re: [IP] Fwd: Disetronic's Dahedi Insulin Pump Wins FDA Approval

   Just to clarify, that post about the Disetronic pump came from Ellen aka 
CamelsRFun. She runs a wonderful website with over 40 stories of kids who are 
on pumps 
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/camelsRFun/index.html">CamelsRFun's Home Page
</A> , some of whom are also featured at IP's "Kids who Pump Insulin" like my 
daughter Melissa. Ellen subscribes to lots of diabetes-related news services 
& is my #1 resource for anything & everything that's happening in the world 
of diabetes. In fact, she'd e-mailed me the same item prior to posting it 
here, so that all of you could also benefit from her latest "tip".... I have 
also met her twice in person ( despite my niece's apprehensions that all my 
cyber-friends were weird cyber-axe-murderers) & can attest to her being 
wonderfully "for real"!! If you haven't already seen her website, I'd suggest 
everyone take a look- these kids' stories are amazing!!

Regards, Renee
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