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[IP] Top Secret?

When we dropped Liz off at diabetes camp on Sunday I ran into a MiniMed rep
and asked him when MM would begin marketing the the shorter canulas. He was
taken aback and asked how I knew about it cuz it was supposed to be a
secret! Perhaps he was pulling my leg, but I told him all about the ip list

We were surprised at how many kids (that we know of) are pumping at camp
this year. Last year only one girl had the pump. Before we left Liz's cabin
we found 3 new pumpers in the next cabin, including a camp counselor. Liz
and Kristin (her pumpin' buddy) are sharing bunks at camp this year and are
ecstatic that they're the only ones in their cabin with pumps cuz they want
to show their roommates how the pumps work and convince 'em to start
pumping. (Maybe the girls should get a job with MiniMed!)

Later!  Linda
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