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Re: [IP] Abstracts on Type 1


I am also Type 1 and trying to get pregnant.  I can't remember the percentages
that my doctor gave me but remember it being around 25% or so.  Of course I have
diabetes (both Type 1 & 2) on each side of my family.  Both Type 1 and Type 2
tends to run in families at least it does in mine. 

The following is information from the ADA website.  I have heard that children
of Fathers with diabetes or a family history of it tend to have a higher risk of
having diabetes later on.  Im not sure the reason for that.  Next time you are
in your doctors office ask him if you are really concerned about it and if it
would make a difference in your decision to have a child.

Who is at Greater Risk for Type 1 Diabetes? 

Siblings of people with type 1 diabetes 
Children of parents with type 1 diabetes 

Who is at Greater Risk for Type 2 Diabetes? 
People over age 45 
People with a family history of diabetes 
People who are overweight 
People who do not exercise regularly 
People with low HDL or high triglycerides 
Certain racial and ethnic groups (e.g., African Americans, Hispanic Americans,
Asian & Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans) 
Women who had gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes occurring in 2-5 percent
of all pregnancies or who have had a baby weighing 9 pounds or more at birth. 
Good Luck

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have been on the pump since January and have just gotten clearance from my
> dr. to try to get pregnant.  I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with type 1
> in December of 98.  My dr. got me on the pump within a month.  Yeah!!!  I
> have a son who is 10 and have been told that he will have a 30% chance of
> becoming Type 2.  Is this true and where do I find the studies to substaniate
> this?  More importantly to my husband, what are the chances of us having a
> Type 1 child?
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