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[IP] who gets the dough

Ellen, in response to Wayne's comment that

<< Neither the AMA nor doctors make much money treating diabetics >>

> I don't know about your endo, but my endo is well off financially.  
> Where does your endo get his money if he doesn't get much from 
> his patients?  Just curious.

LOL - my eye doctor got $500 2 weeks ago for a 12 minute appointment in which 
he told me he STILL couldn't see anything through the blood, he STILL doesn't 
want to do anything and STILL thinks that I ought to wait for the vitrectomy 
a while longer...I mean, really, he IS the best I have ever had, but my 
pediatric g.p. from 25 years ago could have told me that for $25 and I'd have 
gotten a lollipop afterwards to boot!!!  

I KNOW we are paying for training and business costs and all that, and if I 
had to go through what the GOOD doctors had to go through to get where they 
are now, I'd charge a lot too i guess, but it is kinda like the 12b expenses 
on a mutual fund - why should WE have to pay for that "other" stuff??

oh well...thank whatever for insurance...now if only we could get them all to 
file for us

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