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[IP] chinese herbs

along these lines...I think we should not "dis" what other people are 
believing in just cuz we think it is malarkey or "quacky" - some of you think 
I am crazy for not changing my sites every 2 days...if Dianne is seeing 
relief from the herbs, and if she can afford it...then I say go for it!  

Brian wrote:

> Well i'll just say what one herbalist told me...  "they don't want to 
> cure it because it is worth allot of money to keep it around."

yeah, well Sara the commie wrote the exact same thing a couple weeks ago.  
They would not tell us even if they did cure it...think of the economy!!!  
especially since this disease is "relatively" disfiguring...  I guess if we 
ALL lost limbs or were blind or had big pox marks on us, they'd cure it in a 
hurry...but we are all so gosh-darn healthy looking!

Viva commerce....keep putting gas in your car to go to the doctor...Keep 
buying those prescriptions and those herbs, if they work for you, and all the 
related, yet wasteful burdens on the environment called packaging...keep the 
eternal wheel of the economy turning and stop your complaining about there 
needing to be a cure...think of ALL hte people that would be put out of work 
if we didnt need all this stuff - and all those web sites devoted to ancient 
chinese cures!!!  the internet would go belly up if it werent for them!

Sara the pinko
(except that even in Russia they have diabetes, so maybe it isnt just a 
communist thing...maybe all government is corrupt...aghhhhh!)
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