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[IP] Cartridge Changes and 'Site' changes

In response to a question Kathie wrote:

> You have to change the infusion set and reservoir each time.  

no you don't.  "They"  recommend it, and you were probably trained to do it 
this way...but there are many people on this list, me included, who actually 
REUSE the SAME reservoir more than once!!!!  Horrors!!  nahhhh...in fact I 
have reused the same one until I could no longer read the numbers on the side 
- like through 4 or 5 changes.  You also do NOT have to change the tubing 
every time.  That is why the silhouettes are sold with 10 canulas and 5 
tubings - they "assume you are going to reuse the tubing...if you can reuse 
the tubing, why not the reservoir?  same insulin in both!

who also doesn't change her sites every 2-3 days but that is another story.
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