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[IP] following directions but still high after set change

I could use some advice regarding highs after a set change.  The highs
show up two to three hours after the change.  We were using the Rapids
for several months (started pumping Nov. 98), but with summer, we really
needed to go back to the Silhouette in order to be able to disconnect
for swimming.  Here is what we are currently doing -

1.  Numb site with Emla
2.  Just before she gets in the shower, I have her bolus about .3 to
make up for the missing basal while she is showering.
3.  She unplugs the old set so I can get it ready while she showers.
She doesn't pull out the old canula until after her shower.
4.  I get her new set ready and prime it.  (We use the 5/1 ratio of H
and V)
5.  I insert the new set, and just before I connect the tubing I do one
more prime of about .5 to make sure a drop comes out and that the
insulin hasn't backed up the tubing or anything.
6.  I connect the new set and prime 1 unit to fill the canula space.

With all of this we still have bg's in the 300's 2 -3  hours later.  Is
there a step I am missing in this process?  Do some people require more
of a prime after connecting the tubing than 1 unit?  This happened only
occasionally with the Rapid, but has done it every time with the


Kim H. (daughter Stephanie, age 10 dx 6/95, pumping since ll/98)

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