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Re: [IP] Re: relationships


I know what you mean about dating normal people -- they
really don't understand no matter how hard they try.  Been
there, done that!  I have one really good male friend who
is diabetic but we are not into dating -- just friendship
(and computers).

Sorry I can't answer your personal ad but I live in Utah --
just a little far away from Santa Barbara.  I am probably a
little old for you, too (47).  I am not pumping yet -- hope
to be soon, though!

Oh well ... maybe another place, another time.

Good luck.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> ---------- Original Message
> ----------------------------------
> From: <email @ redacted>
> Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:49:48 PDT
> >My name is Lyle Sechrest I live 
> in Lompoc Ca.  I'm 31 and have been diabetic since age 5.
>  I'm 5'6" 150#'s Light brown hair, blue eyes, and am a
> full time student, I would like to know if their are any
> single women out there on a pump who live in Santa
> Barbara county who would be enterested in dating?  I've
> been on the minimed 507c since May, 19, 1999, and feel it
> would be nice to date someone going through the same
> thing as I am.  If their is anyone out there who maybe
> enterested, please E-mail me at
> email @ redacted or if your real enterested
> you can call me at 805-736-7665 only after 9:30 pm
> because I don't get home from school until then.  I have
> never dated another diabetic and am curious about sharing
> life with someone who knows what this is all about, its
> hard dateing someone who is quote normal cuz they just
> don't understand


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