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[IP] $2000 for training? Are you nuts?!

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 Jen Woodall <email @ redacted> responded to
>> From: email @ redacted
>> I met a woman on Saturday night and her daughter age 27 is thinking of a
>> pump.  She said that the pump would be covered but that they were charging
>> her $2,000.00 out of pocket for training.  Has anyone else encountered
>> anything like this.  I said it sounded like someone was trying to make some
>> money off of them.
>> Thanks,
>> Pat Marino

>I'm 98% sure that I paid nothing for training on the pump, and neither did my
>insurance.  I was not hospitalized and did not even have to go to the doctor's
>office to be hooked up.  An experienced pumper who works with my local MM rep 
>came to my house, helped me get hooked up, and left.  I was in close contact 
>with my CDE for about a month adjusting basal and bolus amounts.  Otherwise I 
>was basically on my own, and it was completely fine.  This definitely sounds 
>like a scam to me! 
>And hey--if your friend insists on training, tell her I'll do it for $1500! ;-)
     Oh you guys know so little about the 'old' days.  I remember my first 
     pump (AutoSyringe AS6) which I was required to pay around $2000.00 for 
     training (as were all of us back then) to cover doctors R&D time (as 
     he put it).
     I would imagine most doctors would do this if they could get away with 
     it, it's just that today there are plenty with good pump experience so 
     no need to pay extra for it.

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