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Re: [IP] Question/long

At 06:13 AM 6/29/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Does your insurance company pay for IV prep and Iv3000 tape? Cigna paid for
 >everything for the pump, supplies and the batteries but refuses to pay for
 >this. Here is a letter I am mailing to them for appeal. Please tell me of
 >anything different I can say-my feelings will not be hurt:

I have CIGNA and I order all this stuff through MiniMed. No problem. They 
bill the insurance and I never hear about it again. It's usually included 
along with my order for Silhouettes and reservoirs... I don't know if that 
makes a difference or not. Often it's a matter of the company describing 
these items correctly. A good supply house should know how to describe both 
the IV prep and IV3000 so that the insurance will pay for it. (As an 
example, many insurance companies won't pay for batteries, but they will 
pay for a  "Disposable Power Kit"... same thing, different names).


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