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[IP] poor Amy - what ignorance out there!!!!! (aka how NOT to startpumping)


Subj:	 hello--from the hospital
Date:	6/29/99 9:19:05 AM EST
From:	email @ redacted (amy m)

HI Everyone
 I figured I would just send one email to a group of people.  I'll tell
you about the pump situation.
 Well, had to wake up at 6 am yesterday, left at 7, got to the hospital
and started training around 9. We finished with the trainer around 1,
and went to our rooms, but didn't get to meet the usual peds
nutritionist b/c she was off, she the nurses had to help...but I STILL
THINK a hamburger does NOT have 15 grams of carb!
 We checked bg alot, and boy....I was ok, 277 and such in the morning,
so looked fine, then dropped to 48, after walking around with my roomy,
and I did NOT feel it, buti wasn't surprised.
 The night was awful. The nurses refused to treat me or my roomy for
our lows until we hit 60, so we did checks at every 15, but then it
settled to every 15 minutes.  I was low the whole night, but was only
fed 1 glucose tablet at a time, so i was 40, and my roomy wasn't quite
as low, but she feels them really bad, and 60 is serious for her. MY
lowest was only 41. Woke up and was 47...sorry, didn't wake up,
.didn't start to fallasleep until 3:30 am b/c of the frequent bg
checks., so got up around 7, was 47 but had to wait to eat...I gaveup
on the bd tabs...awful! made me Nauseous! still sort of feel like I'm
going to vomit, which is why I had to leave teh bed, don't want another
problem. So, my basal rate has decreased from .9u/h to .7/h, am hungry,
but nauseous too. I was toldI have to be here until tomorrow...so much
for 23 hours! b/c of the lows, butthey said Wednesday or Thursday. I'm
not sure if I will be able to handle going to my aunt's on Thursday, I
have a feeling I will sleep soon as  I get home, and 2 hr checks in
someone else's house will be complicated. So...
 I like thepump, haven't doubted it, but rather the doctor's policies,
I have a great roomy, a girl going to college next year who's had d
almost as long as me. We didn't talk much inthe beginning, but we
really did talk after our parents left for the Ronald MCDonald house,
an dwe were both up till way too late! She's sleeping now, I would be,
but I"m afraid of lying down and puking. She had the lows too, butnot
as low...like 50, butshe's had seizures in the 70s, so... we're in a
diff. boat, i wasn't really scared, i figured, fine ifi'm 40 and i
can't eat, i'll sleep..i'm in the hospital, so i'm safe..but itthink
diabetics need IMMEDIATE treatment for lows, not just worry aboutthe
pump, butwe'll see. If I have another day like last night...ouch! I may
sleep later 
 I met 2 cyber friends which were great and made yesterday not as
boring! it was great to have others to talkwith aboutthe pump!
(Robin...I was about to sneak the snickers when I was 40, i knew i was
stilllow, but i didn't want dr. clarke to kill me..so i'm low!)
(Betsy..the sodas are gone! thanks a bunch...made staying up for those
15 min. checks much easier!!)
 Well, all, I'm beat, not sure when I'll be out, hopefully tomorrow,
but I thinkt hey are still skeptical abouteven that...there'll be two
teen girls today sleeping all day!!
 it's hilarious how similar our bg are! Mine are a few pts lower, but
very close.
 I'm beat! take care all, see you whenever...thanks for your
support...I may be at CWD very late, if they have the computer still
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