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[IP] Brian: Teen rebellion

I have been recommending a book called "Psyching Out Diabetes" by Richard
Rubin, June Biermann and Barbara Toohey to everyone who is having trouble
dealing with diabetes.  I have lent it out just now to someone who is in
complete denial right now.   It is my bible.  I have been diabetic for 4
years now (I'm 44) and I am still having a great deal of difficulty
accepting diabetes.  This book helps me deal with denial, anger, guilt etc.
and I have found that it helps other people in denial.  (Its good to read
that I am not the only one who keeps hoping that it will "just go away" or
who phantasizes that I can just stop taking my insulin.)  Too many books
just talk about the physical care of diabetes; this one helps you
understand the mental processes that go on, and unless you confront your
anger, grief etc you really are in no position to take care of the physical
I find that the pump is helping a lot also.  I have only been on it for 3
weeks but already I am starting to feel 'normal' again.  As I only have to
change the infusion set every few days, rather than inject 4 or more times
a day, I find it less trouble to take my insulin for meals and snacks. I am
finding that the old site itches a bit for a few days after I take it out
but this doesn't happen if I let Betadine dry onto the site before
inserting the soft set.     

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