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Re: [IP] Question/long

Does your insurance company pay for IV prep and Iv3000 tape? Cigna paid for 
everything for the pump, supplies and the batteries but refuses to pay for 
this. Here is a letter I am mailing to them for appeal. Please tell me of 
anything different I can say-my feelings will not be hurt:

We received a denial letter for the request of pre-authorization of IV prep 
wipes and
IV3000 adhesive tape for Joshua . We want to appeal this denial.

Cigna has graciously approved the insulin pump and the supplies but the above 
two items. We believe these two items are just as important as the reservior 
,the soft-set
ultimate infusion set and the disposable power pack ( which in another word 
is batteries).
Joshua works a very physical job  as a package handler where sweat and 
perspiration are
common. The IV prep skin is not just another alcohol swab. It provides a fake 
layer of
skin and has a stickiness for the IV 3000 tape to adhere better to the skin. 
If the IV 3000
should come loose the potential risk of infection rate for Joshua goes up. 
These two
products are just as important as the other supplies that are covered as they 
are an
essential part of his ongoing care and treatment of diabetes . These are not 
products that
anyone can just walk into a pharmacy and buy.  We would like for you to 
consider paying
for these two very important items not just for Joshua but for other diabetic 
patients as
well.  We find the idea of not paying for these products a bit ludicrous as 
we have found
that on our prescription card we would pay $5 (generic price) for a box of 
alcohol swabs
of which we choose not to put on prescription because they actually only cost 
99 cents a
box at K-Mart and it would end up costing first us $5 and then whatever 
co-charge they
would charge the insurance company for actually doing the prescription. We 
also found
out the same thing about the Ketostix. The price for 20 foiled strips is 
$5.99 , of course if
we had a presciption written it would cost us only $5 but again the co-charge 
would apply
to the insurance company and make that product more than the actual cost 
costing your company money in the long run. We are doing our part in trying 
to save the
company money but in not granting the pre-authorization of these two products 
for Joshua
this could be detrimental to his well being and ongoing diabetes treatment 
with the insulin
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