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Re: [IP] tenders, new pumpers, and web sites

Just ask them if it is ok for you to resell all the extra tubing the
insurance company is buying for you that you don't need or ever use :-).
See how quickly they will respond then.  (Just don't tell them that there
is a terribly oversupply of pump tubing in everyone's closet already, even
with the 10/5 boxes! *S*)

> Michael,Our insurance will not pay for the Tenders 10/5. They only
> pay for the 10/10. Rediculous I think...they think buying it the
> 10/5 way is a LUXURY!!! I tried to explain...but they wanted NOTHING
> to do with it.
They will pay. Call them and ask for the name and telephone number of
the Medical Director. that is the title of the person who ultimately
has responsibility for medical services for the company. Call his/her
office and speak to anyone who answers the phone and tell them how
ridiculous the situation is. I'm sure it will change very quickly.

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