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Re: [IP] Burning insulin......

email @ redacted wrote:
> Laura occasionally comments on her insulin burning also.  She has found that
> anything over a 4 unit bolus burns.  If she needs to bolus 5 or more units
> she will break it up into two separate bolusus - (ie. 2 +  3 instead of a 5
> unit bolus)
> Wish we knew other answers but this is the only thing we have figured out so
> far.  I would love to hear other suggestions others have as well......

Yes, the body will only take a certain amount infused at once, and 
4 to 6 units seems to be the limit for most people, probably on the 
lower end of that for children.

The secondary effect of bolusing over her limit would be to have it absorbed
slower since the body would be trying to encapsulate it. Two separate smaller
boluses with some time in between is exactly the right answer.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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