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Re: [IP] tenders, new pumpers, and web sites

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have a minimed 507C.  I see the word tenders mentioned her often but have
> no idea what it is.  Do I have one?  Should I have one?  I am new at this and
> must be missing something.

OK Tenders are sold by Disetronics, but MiniMed sells the same thing and calls
Silhouettes, and Chronimed sells them as Pureline Comforts.

Anyway, they are a different design of Teflon canula infusion sets. I find them
more workable than MiniMed QRs, with the same or better convenience items.
which they work better for thin folks like me since the canula goes in to the
and can be aimed to different depths.

If it helps you can see them on MiniMed's webpage at:

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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