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[IP] Infusion Sets

hi everyone,
quick question...if everything goes well it looks like I will probably be
going on the MM507c.  I noticed a few months ago that I was developing lumps
underneath my skin on my stomach where I had been injecting myself.  I have
had these on my legs before too.  I hadn't noticed any absorbtion problems,
but stopped using my stomach all together for shots.  They have gotten
smaller, but the other day I tried to inject in that area and the tissue
underneath was really tough and it was hard to get the syringe through.  So
I injected elsewhere.  has anyone had this problem?  also, this means that I
will probably have to arrange to get some rapids to start on, so that I can
use other areas of my body until that clears.  My legs have over time
cleared up.  Has anyone started on the MM but arranged to use the D
rapids???  I think I can arrange through my insurance company to get those
sets, but I didn't know if MM tried to set you up with the first set?


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