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Re: [IP] help with rebellion

I also went through a rebellion period with my blood tests, but not my
insulin.  I was seeing an endo who accused me of falsifying my records, when
I wasn't.  he kept saying my numbers were too good compared to my A1Cs.
Turns out I was running really high during the night and then they came down
at 6am so they were normal when I woke up.  Didn't know that then, but it
explained why my numbers averaged 140, but my A1Cs kept coming back at 12.0.

Anyways, I got so frustrated with him accusing me of doing that, I stopped
testing and started doing that to stop be falsly accused.  Stupid I know,
but I was only 15.

What stopped me was going to a new endo.  The new one made me feel more
responsible for myself, and I started testing more often.  That was when we
found the nightime problem.  A little NPH at bedtime solved it and my A1Cs
dropped to 8.0. A big difference was that my new doctor was an adult doctor,
who told me it was my responsibility to take care of my diabetes and not
his.  my old doctor was a pede, who made everything seem as if it was his
responsibility and I was dissapointing him.

hope that helps, maybe?
-- Sherry

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