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[IP] My Endo Visit: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hello everyone.
I joined this list back in March after researching the pump for a few weeks,
because I wanted to learn more from people who were using it.  After one
week of listening I knew that the pump was for me.  Everyone was so positive
about them, even when they were having to solve problems they were having.
So I decided to contact an endo and get an appointment.  The earliest he
could see me was 3 months. Eeek.  So I waited.  Well, that 3 months was up
last Thursday and this was what happened.

The Good

The good news is that when I asked him about the pump, he asked me if I was
curious or serious about it.  When i told him I was dead serious he told me
he would make sure I saw is pump nurse after we were done and I could get
the ball rolling. YEAH!  He said he had several patients on the pump and
that he thought it was a great idea for those people who were serious about
getting their sugars under control.

The Bad and The Ugly

I met with the pump nurse afterwards and was glad I had found this sight.
He only has experience with the MM.  Which is ok with me.  I was so confused
over which one I wanted that I was hoping the doctor would make the decision
for me.  Both are so good I couldn't decide.  My insurance company used
Minimed as a direct supplier so I figure it may be an advantage to be on the
MM.  Back to the story though.  He demonstrated how it worked with a 506.
Which was fine with me, but I was floored when he said he thought there
might be a newer model that was just released, the 507.  I swear my mouth
dropped.  i couldn't believe the person who was going to be responsible for
my starting on the pump knew less then I did.  So I sat there and listened
to him talk about the pump and how wonderful it was.  Granted it is, but he
sugarcoated it.  If I hadn't had this sight to inform me about various
problems that can creep up, I probably would have thought the pump was going
to run itself. <LOL>  So, I left the office knowing that I will probably
spend more time asking questions on this sight then calling him up. :-)

So I faxed the info to Minimed this morning and am crossing my fingers until
I hear back.  Actually I am calling them tomorrow to make sure they got the
info and to tell them I will help with the insurance anyway i can.

Anyways, sorry so long, I just had to write an update.  Amy asked me to...
Hope she is doing well getting on her pump.

-- Sherry

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