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[IP] Erica...loves to keep me guessing

Hi folks,

Wisdom needed on -  'burning during a bolus'   Put a new site in tonight
and it seemed a little tender, more than normal, then when we bolused
for her meal...YIKE!..the crocodile tears dropped off her cheeks. The
insulin hurt like heck.   It seems to be doing fine now, but I will
change it if this continues.  She said she doesn't mind if it hurts if
her sugars stay good....tough little kid :-)

Poor little Erica has been fighting erratic sugars for the past week
with a rotten cold. Thank heavens for the ease of bolusing!  She is
quite a trooper though.  She had a birthday party Saturday (a little
belated) and a diabetic friend of hers asked her if she liked her pump.
Erica, told her yep!  Then she  asked Erica if she found it easier and
Erica of course said "yes" and gave me a big grin. I was surprised
because we had a bit of a site problem that day.  Remind me NOT to put a
new site in prior to going into a wave pool!  The thing took a licking
and kept on ticking (does that tell my age LOL) but I had to retape it
back together.  Ah well, live and learn. The most difficult thing about
the party.....I had to remember when& what to feed her diabetic
non-pumping friend!  Not that I minded at all, I would do anything to
help a child blend in, but it reminded me of how much I had to clock
watch in the 'OLD DAYS'!! Shudder...

Oh, & Kristin, I hope you stay in love with your Silhouette and things
continue in a positive direction.  And, you are NOT A WUSS  LOL!!  All
the best to you...

Barb....Erica's mom (who has to chase her into bed right now!)

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