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Re: [IP] Endo Request

> Wish us luck, today we sent a letter to our endo requesting him to
> start our journey towards the pump.  We requested he send the
> prescription needed along with the letter of medical necessity to
> Disetronic.  We are holding our breath and crossing our fingers at
> this time.  Our endo doesn't live close to us--4 hours away in fact,
> so we figured a letter (so we had a hard copy of what was said) was
> the best way to go.  Hopefully we will hear back from him by Friday.
>  If not I will be placing a call to him. Holly (Taylor dx 3-9-99)
Consider requesting the same from your local pediatrician. There is 
nothing magic about who writes the prescription. You local ped will 
be the one who sees your child on a regular basis anyway. It might 
actually be easier to handle the whole thing that way.

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