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[IP] "cures" for DM and the like

This is not meant to offend, but it serious as some "cure" remedies can
cause serious problems. There is not very much in this world that puts
me on a soapbox but this is one. So answer these with thought and reason
to yourself.
How many Doctors do you think would let there own children, wife, family
member suffer from a disease they knew could be cured by some remedy for
the sake of the dollar?. You could even claim a certain amount of
ignorance in the medical community but only some not all. How many
people who work at the FDA purposely slow the progression of "cures" to
receive there pay off from the drug manufacture community while there
sisters and brothers die in hospitals?. How many people who use the
wonder herb Golden Seal know that prolonged use will cause severe liver
damage? How many people know that Echanacia (spelling error) needs a
catalyst of sorts to work in the body? Why do you suppose that double
blind studies on medications and/or treatment remedies are crucial to be
able to test the results reliably? Why do very sick people fly into the
US from all over the world for cutting edge medical care? With all the
invasive media coverage around the world, would it be feasible that a
small percentage of the human population good control any real "cure"
from being reported in today's global news? If eating one type of food
is best then why does the different foods we eat supply different
nutrients?. How much money do you think would be gained by the person(s)
who develop a cure? If the "cure" is truly a preasent to humanity then
why is it not given free to the least of us,... our children?

I take Echanacia, Golden Seal, Fenugreek, Tons of Green Tea, Low doses
of vitamin E, C and B complex, Magnesium, Calcium and a baby aspirin. I
also take insulin, albuterol, prilosec, pancrease, reglan, antibiotic
cocktails every few weeks, anti-vert along with a host of others
prescription meds periodically.

It is important to know what you are putting in your body, it is
important to make sure all "cures" are backed up with scientific data.
It is important to remember someone always makes money on any product
sold even goodwill...

I hope I did not offend anyone, I react because I have seen people
injured from "cure" remedies sometimes fixable sometimes not. I believe
most want to help, doctors, family. friends. herbalist etc.... but
coming from the premise that there would be a sizable portion of people
that may be standing in the way of "cures" sounds paranoid to me and un
reasonable, which is usually the last thing said in a lost argument.

ok stepping down
Be Careful and Take Care

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