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[IP] Abstracts on Type 1

I have been on the pump since January and have just gotten clearance from my 
dr. to try to get pregnant.  I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 
in December of 98.  My dr. got me on the pump within a month.  Yeah!!!  I 
have a son who is 10 and have been told that he will have a 30% chance of 
becoming Type 2.  Is this true and where do I find the studies to substaniate 
this?  More importantly to my husband, what are the chances of us having a 
Type 1 child?  Are there any recent studies I can reference?  I do not have 
an endo yet but have plans to find one in the Memphis area.  Any knowledge of 
a good one here would be appreciated.  Thanks to all who read and respond to 
this site.  It has helped me learn so much about this disease.
Mikki Speed
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