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[IP] tenders, new pumpers, and web sites

I get digest...so I'm answering a few questions at once.

Michael,Our insurance will not pay for the Tenders 10/5. They only pay for 
the 10/10. Rediculous I think...they think buying it the 10/5 way is a 
LUXURY!!! I tried to explain...but they wanted NOTHING to do with it.

Amy (redheadtwin) is in UVA today getting her pump. Kevin and I went to visit 
her and she is doing great! I think us IP people have an advantage going into 

About the web site I sent earlier...or didnt send. I didnt have my 2nd cup of 
coffee yet! Sorry for both things! ha ha. 

any way it is www.trlonline.com  if anybody cares now!  There, I wont mention 
it again.....

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