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Re: [IP] Absorption Test Again

 except this time he wants me to inject
> intramuscular! Right in my forearm! I have to avoid veins and all
> those tumours I told you about. Yuck, I am scared. He stuck a
> syringe into the muscle to show me, it didn't hurt, but still. I
> don't want to do it. It's like being a new diabetic all over again.
> I am saying to myself, I can't, I can't........but I suppose I will,
> just like the first time.

Not only is absorption in muscle tissue faster, if you work the 
muscle (exercise) the absorption will be considerably faster again. 
This makes it somewhat unpredictable, but if fast is what you want, 
you can get it by injecting in a muscle like your thigh and going for 
a little walk or jog.
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