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[IP] help with rebellion

Hi all. one of my instructors came to me today and asked me if i 
have ever gone threw a rebellion with taking my insulin i told her no 
but i did with testing.  A friend of hers has a son which is not taking 
his insulin on a reg. basis and is not really helping with the control 
of his D.  I think he is around 16 or so.  I was just wondering for 
those that rebelled or for those that have experienced a rebellious 
child what brought it on and helped break the cycle?

I mentioned to her about finding another way of insulin adm. like a 
pen so he doesn't have to mix. (i have sent videos on the pump).  i 
also said that maybe the parents may be a little to forceful on the 
schedule of shots.  (for me i got tired of getting reminded of testing 
and seeing if i took my shots i quite testing.  I never like the feeling 
of the highs so i never stopped the shots).  I said maybe he is not 
feeling in control.   The mother of the child did tell him that if he 
doesn't start taking control she is going to put him in the hospital 
so someone can.  The instructor is going to give my # to him and 
his parents again to see if they would like to talk.. I told her i would 
talk with anyone but they have to ask I don't like to go in and talk 
with anyone when their loved ones are forcing them to be there I 
think they have to have some interest in hearing from another..  but 
we will see how it goes. 

Brian Carter
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