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Re: [IP] ACE inhibitors and drinking

I am the one who started the ACE inhibitor last week.  I have found that when 
I have felt faint and drank a glass of water after about 5 minutes I feel 
better.  Being the mother of two boys and being an extreme Type A personality 
I do not deal well with feeling lousy.  I have mentioned it to other RN's 
around here and they agree with staying hydrated.  Bottom line, placebo or 
not, if I feel better if I follow the rule of drinking more H2O, who is the 
wiser if I do?  Common sense, sometimes is the key.   Oh by the way, my blood 
pressure was fine at the Docs office last Friday after taking the ACE 
inhibitor for a week.  Right now I have faxed a question to the Doc, could I 
take it about 10 PM each evening rather than in the AM since I have 
consistently felt lightheaded about 10 AM each day since starting the Med.
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