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Re: [IP] Chinese Cure

Well Diane, if you really think that the AMA wouldn't tell you about a
"cure" for diabetes if they had it, then you probably deserve what all
those Chinese herbs will do to you.  At the very least they will cost you
plenty of Yen.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of physicians and
researchers working to find ways to treat and possibly cure diabetes.
Neither the AMA nor doctors make much money treating diabetics, and every
physician I have ever met would be delighted if he/she could cure your
If you have had diabetes for 34 years, it is time to accept that your beta
cells are long dead and gone, and no amount of Chinese tea is going to
bring them back to life.  It may make you feel better drinking tea, and if
you are not so stressed out then you might even find it easier to control
your BG.   But being "brittle" is an outdated term that really doesn't much
apply to those on pumps.  If you know what you eat then you can figure how
much insulin you need.   Treating the "symptoms" of type I diabetes is way
to go, because if you don't you will surely die.  And it is also a big
mistake to confuse diabetes is not cancer.
I wonder what kind of professional training is needed to be able to handle
slow herbs and how the results are evaluated.  Notice that for that guy on
the Chinese cure website, no verifiable credentials were listed.

>>>>>>All I can say is that if the Chinese have a 'cure' for diabetes, the
>>>>>>AMA isn't going to tell me about it.
I'm currently taking many Chinese herbs and working with a Chinese doctor.
He doesn't promise to cure me, but he thinks the western ways of ONLY
treating the symptoms (via insulin) is a lot of good money down the drain.
Hmmmmmm.  Will let you know, if anything exciting happens to me.
>>>>>>>>Herbs (and acupuncture) are natural and slow and need to be handled
>>>>>>>>by a professional.  One can't just go down to the local health food
>>>>>>>>store and buy them.  Today I received a shipment(from Little Rock
>>>>>>>>where I see Dr. Guo[ who's an oncologist, by the way] and it said I
>>>>>>>>was taking some herb pills called mu xiang bing lang wan- so go
>>>>>>>>figure.  It's all Greek to me [or Chinese if you will].  I have
>>>>>>>>other herbs to take, including a couple of tea blends too.  These
>>>>>>>>herbs ARE supposed to be treating the underlying causes of diabetes
>>>>>>>>- BUT after 34 years I lack confidence in my pancreas ability to
>>>>>>>>produce insulin- but who knows?  All I can really say, is that this
>>>>>>>>doctor has done pheonmenoly well with both my step dad- who
>>>>>>>>recovered from cancer of the esophagus - and no, not totally from
>>>>>>>>herbs, but with surgery, radiation, chemo etc. and when he was
>>>>>>>>finished with that and 'resulting blood clots' which were some kind
>>>>>>>>of leftovers [I gather] Dr. Guo treated him and it all went away.

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