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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs MiniMed

Daughter just started pumping with the Disetronic 3 weeks ago, almost, she 
looked both pumps over in person, liked the fact that you get a spare pump 
with the D and it is clear to see insulin that is left, not sure about that 
with the MM if they make that also, and the fact that insulin is delivered 
every 3 1/2 minutes with the D. Things are really starting to smooth out 
although the first 2 weeks were very scary with all the testing and 
adjustments.  Changing cartridges the first time, etc. was a little nerve 
wracking.  Went to a fund raiser for JDF on Saturday and she actually told 
people she liked it!!  When I had asked her, she didn't give me such a 
positive outlook, just said she didn't want to think about it.  I know not 
having to worry about getting food in her at such critical times during the 
day and worrying about her driving have been fantastic.  

Thanks to everyone and good luck, whatever you choose it doesn't matter that 
Pat Marino
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