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Re: [IP] My First Silhouette-to Kristin

Read your note and thought you would find this neat.  My sons have grown up 
with mom on the pump.  They are 6 and 9 and fight over who will push the 
button on the Minimed Sof-serter.  When my oldest was about 2 1/2 or 3 I had 
been to a support group meeting where there was a Lilly rep.  He was giving 
out little hard boxes to hold bottles of insulin.  Eric had me hook him up to 
a "pump" at home and told everyone he was just like Mom.  I used my old used 
tubing, took off the needle and taped it to the little box and to his tummy.  
I bet he wore it for over an hour before he got disinterested.  For about six 
months he played "pumper like Mom."  He still has a way of knowing when I am 
in trouble and need to take care of myself and my blood sugar.  He is a real 
cool kid.  You said you thought it was neat when a parent plays pump for 
their kid, how about a kid who plays it for their mom?
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