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Re: [IP] My First Silhouette


Hats off to you and your wonderful husband.  I know Erica felt better
about us putting the silhouette into her after seeing that we had it
done to each other. My husband inserted one in my tummy on me, and I
inserted one on his.  It was a marriage test, and it relieved us of the
anxiety we would have felt about the cannula being under her skin.

We find the sil stays very well in the water too, but we usually cut a
hole in a piece of Tegaderm, disconnect, put down the Tegaderm with the
hole over the connector, then connect again.  Extra piece of mind.

Enjoy your pumping and, you are doing a great thing for yourself, and
your husband will obviously be there for you always.

Barb....Erica's mom

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