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[IP] My First Silhouette

Today is the first time I used a silhouette. I inserted one in training
and did not like it, so I was concerned about disconnecting with the
soft-sets for swimming and such since I went in the pool for 5 minutes
last week and my tape was loose and also worrying about the insulin in
the tail.

Well I was scared this morning but I wanted to go swimming, so my
husband inserted one first, this needless to say made me feel soooo
good!! We went to Bradless for some pool stuff and he wore the tubing
attached to a beeper and hasn't taken it off yet. I'm sure some parents
have done this for their small children, but even as an adult I found it
very comforting. Sometimes I think God gave me a wonderful husband to
make up for what I go through.

I can't beleive I did not like the sil in training, I think I LOVE it. I
went in my pool today and did not worry about anything, no extra tape
and it stayed excellent. Inserting the silhouette is like a new found
freedom, since I can't say that I love my pump yet but today has been

This list has helped me soooo much!! 

Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you


pumping 3 weeks
dxd 1980
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