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Re: [IP] Absorption Test Again/Shots in muscle

Good luck with your biopsy.  I hope it goes well and the results are good.  
I have been giving shots in the muscle for years to bring down those really 
high blood glucose tests.  Just the other day, I was on my way to exercise 
class and I checked my bg.  It was 500.  I checked it again.  It was 550.  
Ugh...a tad too high for exercise.  I decided to go back home and change the 
tender on my pump.  I took 10 units of Humalog in a syringe, tightened my 
bicep, and stuck the needle directly into the muscle.  It did smart a bit.  
After one hour, my bg was 300 and after 2 hours, it was 90.  That is very 
fast action for me.  When I inject normally, it takes about 1 to 1.5 hours 
for the humalog to even begin to work.  Even when I was on MDI, I never 
considered doing this on a regular basis--just when I was really high.  Does 
your dr. want you to do this regularly?  Is this safe?  I am just curious 
because I have been told not to do this (inject in muscle), but I do it 
anyway because, hey, it works.  ellen 
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