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Re: [IP] Test Strips and Cold Drinks

A trick I learned while I was pregnant.  I bought Keto diastix.  With using 
Blood testing, I needed to occasionally test ketones but not often enough to 
use up the bottle within the open bottle expiration date.  Hence I found that 
I used up a bottle of Keto diastix (urine strips) when I used them for two 
purposes.  I really didn't care if the drink was 200 or 600 it still had 
sugar in it.  Once a restaurant had put on a soda tank that had the wrong 
label on it.  They had checked it and when I was really insistent they 
reluctantly switched my drink to unsweetened tea but did not charge me.  The 
next time I came in, they told me that the supplier told them the next day (I 
was in on a Sunday) had told them of the mix up. 
Carole Hermann
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