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Re: [IP] Absorption Test Again

Hi Wendy,
Rosalie here from St. Catharines,On,Canada.
Are you seeing Dr. Toews? in St. Catharines or at McMaster?
I had absorption tests- On regular-more than 8 hrs
                                  On humulog-5 1/2 hrs.
Sorry you are having some problems.  I have also used injections 
intermuscular (sp).  They do work more quickly and I do hate them.  Sometimes 
they sting, sometimes it is mental, sometimes they bruise, sometimes they 
bleed.  That is the good news.  Joking.  I know that you have a sense of 
Are you just using this method to bring down a high or does he have something 
else in mind?  You are not hooking your set to a muscle are you?
Let me know some of these answers and maybe we can chat some more
Bye for now Ro
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