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Re: [IP] Cartridge Changes and 'Site' changes


We change Erica's  site every 3 days, usually, but we only change the
tubing/syringe every 2nd site change.  We are able to load the syringe
with enough insulin to keep her going the 6 days.  I put in a new
Silhouette, bolus to fill the cannula, prime or bolus to make sure the
insulin is at the end of the tubing,  and reconnect the existing tubing
to the Sil.  Yeah, we have lots of extra tubing hanging around, but it
will come in handy for something....just trying to find out what!! LOL

We have used a product called Emla to numb the skin and it really works
wonderfully.  It is an OTC product here in Canada, and I know it is
available in the US.. There is another product, which we haven't found
here yet that is the same idea, but numbs is a much shorter period of
time.  It is called ELA-MAX...someone correct me if that is spelled
wrong.  Some people just use ice cubes held to the area for a few
minutes and they find that sufficient, certainly cheaper!.  With Erica
only weighing 75 pounds we find that inserting at an angle less than 30
degrees is better for her.  It is likely more like 15-20 degrees....it
varies from time to time.  Some people find the 30 degree angle too
steep and lessen it for comfort.  But, in the world of pumping, everyone
is an individual and you have to find out what works for you.  Coming
here is a great step in the right direction because with so many
pumpers, you are bound to find someone who has just the right suggestion
for you.

This is what works for Erica.  Hope it helps in some way :-)

Barb....Erica's mom

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