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Re: [IP] We love the pump!

Robin the "redneck":
  Thanks for yet another reminder of the "intangible" benefits accrued from 
pump therapy: how the rest of the family can "regain" the normalcy it lost 
when a child was diagnosed.....NOT having to structure family trips, 
vacations, etc. around one person's inflexible clock-watching MDI schedule is 
so "taken for granted" UNTIL you lose that "freedom"...... and soooo 
appreciated in contrast when pump therapy restores it!!!.....Or as the 
teenaged daughter of a cyber friend in New England says " you know Mom ever 
since I got my pump, there are times I have to REMEMBER that I have 
diabetes...that's how normal the pump has made my days seem!!!"......Short of 
a CURE, what more could a parent ask for????

Regards, Renee
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