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Re: [IP] Wish me luck...No more lente!

Good luck.  I am planning to visit you at UVA tomorrow evening--you will be
there, right?  I'll ask at the desk for your room number, but I'm sure
you'll be on the 7th floor.  See you tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to
meeting you.  I think Eric works 5-9, and with his car out of commission, I
will take him to work and come on to Charlottesville then.  So I should be
there about 6, or maybe a little earlier.  See you then.

>From: amy m <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Wish me luck...No more lente!
>Date: Sun, Jun 27, 1999, 10:39 AM

>Hi all!
> Well, after what seems a long wait, the pump being here for such a
>while, in it's box, yet me playing with it, my day has come!! I start
>my beautiful blue Minimed 507C tomorrow!!! I am so ready! My bg have
>been whacko lately, from 20 to 600, so this is a very, very welcome
>change. And you know what, I already love my pump! I'm going to be
>admitted for 23 hours, but more if needed, hopefully, though, I'll get
>off to a very smooth start!
> I'm starting off using short Sof-Sets, but may change to Silhouettes,
>b/c I don't want to be limited to my stomach, and the SS didn't work in
>my leg..
> Take care all and wish me luck...
> Amy in VA
> 15, D 10.25 years
> Pump---Tomorrow!!
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