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[IP] Test Strips and Cold Drinks

Has anyone used their test strips to check to see if a cold drink was sugar free
or not?  Yesterday we went to a fast food place and my husband noticed that the
soda wasn't diet.  We poured them out and got another, thinking they were diet
we left.  Upon drinking some of it I told him it didn't taste right.  I hadn't
drank much and forgot to put my diastix back in my purse (I usually used them to
check to see if drinks are diet).  I was thirsty but afraid to drink the soda so
I used the meter to see.  It registered 481!  When I tried this with a diet
drink (purchased in a bottle) it registered bad strip.  Will a meter register
bad strip if the level is too low?  Could I have gotten a wrong reading on the
first one? 

BTW I use the comfort Curve strips with the Accu Chek Complete.

Any suggestion will help.
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