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[IP] Absorption Test Again

I just went back to my Endo again. I performed a second absorption test and this one showed the Humalog worked in 3.5 hours, compared to my first test last week that showed 2.5 hours. Now he wants me to try another one, except this time he wants me to inject intramuscular! Right in my forearm! I have to avoid veins and all those tumours I told you about. Yuck, I am scared. He stuck a syringe into the muscle to show me, it didn't hurt, but still. I don't want to do it. It's like being a new diabetic all over again. I am saying to myself, I can't, I can't........but I suppose I will, just like the first time.
Has anyone tested their absorption with this method. I hadn't thought of the difference of intramuscular vs.. subQ. We'll see, I guess that the muscular should show a twice as fast absorption. He said it should be 1.5 hours. (Which is about what Humalog should be anyway). He said at 3.5 hours peak time, that the humalog is still 'hanging' around as much as 6 hours later, which would account for the unpredictable highs and lows.
Oh joys of life. It's never ending. I am still waiting the results of the biopsy on the lump they removed. It seems though that it could be an endocrine disorder. Surprise.
Oh well. I just needed to blab to people that would understand......Thanks!!!
Wendy Anderson