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[IP] We love the pump!

I had to second what Barb said with Erica...loving the pump.

It was my husbands and my 17th anniversary and we took the kids to the 
National Zoo in DC. What a day!  We had a great time. It was very hot and 
muggy...and in the past Kevin would go low easily. Our first trip with the 
pump I was inexperienced and his bg went to 48 after 15 minutes of walking 
around in the hot muggy sun. (In Jamestown)  

ANYWAY, we decreased Kevins basal rate by 50% and his bgs were wonderful all 
day!  He just got spacers in for his braces and his mouth was sore, so he had 
ICE CREAM and soda and some real food (soggy) and his bg's never went HIGH 

I am completely convinced now! There is no better way!!

Thanks for listening! :)

a funny note...I got a major haircut on thursday, and the back of my neck has 
never know sunshine before yesterday! I am officially a REDNECK now! ha ha

Mom of Kevin, 11, pumping almost 2 months!!!!
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