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[IP] Wish me luck...No more lente!

Hi all!
 Well, after what seems a long wait, the pump being here for such a
while, in it's box, yet me playing with it, my day has come!! I start
my beautiful blue Minimed 507C tomorrow!!! I am so ready! My bg have
been whacko lately, from 20 to 600, so this is a very, very welcome
change. And you know what, I already love my pump! I'm going to be
admitted for 23 hours, but more if needed, hopefully, though, I'll get
off to a very smooth start!
 I'm starting off using short Sof-Sets, but may change to Silhouettes,
b/c I don't want to be limited to my stomach, and the SS didn't work in
my leg..
 Take care all and wish me luck...
 Amy in VA
 15, D 10.25 years

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