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[IP] Re:Carb counting

Well, I've had mine for several years and I still refer to it. You're
never done. Anyway, the Corinne Netzker (sp?) book is pretty good. I
looked for better ones and I have a couple of others, but nothing
markedly better. I think it's called Food Counts. I like hers because
she has information on basic foodstuffs which never have nutrition
labels attached to them. I have also learned to use a measuring cup-
pasta is 40 grams to the cup, approximately, but you need to measure,
obviously.... I also bought a scale which I rarely use, but one night a
friend broughtover some unsliced sourdough bread and I weighed it and
the bolus worked perfectly. I also have written on an easy-to-find sheet
of paper some values for common foodstuffs which I eat more often. That
way you don't have to trust an occasionally faulty memory especially
when kids are bickering, and you don't have to dig through the book.
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