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[IP] Chinese Cure- Report #1

Hi Lisa and Brian-

Re; questions on my progress with Chinese herbs etc.

First of all, I have a doctor who is from China and who prescribes all the herbs I'm taking.  Almost all of the things I'm taking are labled in Chinese and so I am, for the most part clueless.  Also after he checked me out, he wrote down the herbs I was to take, prescribing them for ALL of my various problems (I'm the one who just came through brain surgery) AND I'm getting acupuncture.  This venture is not cheap!!  I wouldn't be getting it at all except that my folks are financing it while I'm here in Arkansas recuperating from my surgery.  I've only been at for about 3 weeks.  

In the past couple of days, my BGs have dropped dramatically.  I'm using about 1/2 to 3/4 of what I was taking just a few days ago.  HOWEVER, I've always been a brittle diabetic, and every once in a while my BG's drop dramatically, only to shoot up again later.  Right now I'm struggling with keeping my BG levels up, find myself nose diving while sleeping a lot, and generally don't feel all that wonderful.

Herbs (and acupuncture) are natural and slow and need to be handled by a professional.  One can't just go down to the local health food store and buy them.  Today I received a shipment(from Little Rock where I see Dr. Guo[ who's an oncologist, by the way] and it said I was taking some herb pills called mu xiang bing lang wan- so go figure.  It's all Greek to me [or Chinese if you will].  I have other herbs to take, including a couple of tea blends too.  These herbs ARE supposed to be treating the underlying causes of diabetes - BUT after 34 years I lack confidence in my pancreas ability to produce insulin- but who knows?  All I can really say, is that this doctor has done pheonmenoly well with both my step dad- who recovered from cancer of the esophagus - and no, not totally from herbs, but with surgery, radiation, chemo etc. and when he was finished with that and 'resulting blood clots' which were some kind of leftovers [I gather] Dr. Guo treated him and it all went away.  Mo!
m is off about 75% of her heart medication.  Obviously with a family history like that, I'm game.  Will keep you all posted.

 ---- On Jun 25 Lia Muwwakkil <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> Hi Dianne.  I was just wondering what types of herbs you were taking?  Do 
> the herbs have any effect on your bgs? Do the herbs treat the conditions 
> caused by the diabetes?  Sorry to ask so many questions about this, but I 
> have a family member that believes in alternative medicine and wants me to 
> try it out.  Of course, I am skeptical because of the fear of the "unknown". 
>   You are the first diabetic to have mentioned this treatment and I would 
> like to know your progress.
> Thanks for any info you can give.
> Lia
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> All I can say is that if the Chinese have a 'cure' for diabetes, the AMA 
> isn't going to tell me about it.
> I'm currently taking many Chinese herbs and working with a Chinese doctor.  
> He doesn't promise to cure me, but he thinks the western ways of ONLY 
> treating the symptoms (via insulin) is a lot of good money down the drain.  
> Hmmmmmm.  Will let you know, if anything exciting happens to me.
> Dianne
>   ---- On Jun 23 email @ redacted wrote:
>  >
>  >   <A so called Chinese cure for diabetes.  How can anyone get away with
>  > marketing something like this?>
>  >
>  > Lia and all:  By chance, did you happen to read through to the end of the
>  > pitch?  The precautions and contraindications really got me..  Joanne Mc
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